Announcing new exhibition this spring: ALTERED STATES



Don’t miss my upcoming exhibition at Bonni Benrubi Gallery if you are in New York this spring. The show will run from April 18 through May 24 and will feature new photographs as well as a video installation for which I created a soundscape, my first foray in music/sound design.




About karinelaval

Karine Laval has been is a French artist living and working in New York. She works primarily with photography and video and shares her time between New York and Europe, alternating magazine and client assignments with an artistic practice, wherein she combines portraiture with images of geographical locations and visual narratives. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, New York, The New Yorker, Elle, Eyemazing, among others. Her work is exhibited worldwide in galleries and festivals. Laval was selected by Photo District News’ (PDN) 30 Emerging Photographers in 2005. Bonni Benrubi gallery in New York City currently represents her.
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One Response to Announcing new exhibition this spring: ALTERED STATES

  1. Anne Laval says:

    Good luck my dear ! Will see the exhibition in NYC for sure this time ! Anne

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