“Karine Laval: The Other Perception” by Milena Kodratoff


Untitled #99 from the series “The Pool”


Milena Kodratoff on “The Pool”, “Poolscapes” and “Heterotopia” in “Karine Laval: The Other Perception” (English translation):

I recently discovered a photograph, untitled # 99 in a series by Karine Laval called “Pool”. The light that emanated from it, the lines, and movements, gave me the impression of a dynamic slow motion, of an in-between, a dream reality, and a burst of sweetness. So I went searching for the other pools numbers, scattered between Cascais, Barcelona, Paris, Oslo, Annecy, Capri, each unique and yet composed of the same blue and white colors, considered to be cold yet exhaling a breath of solar heat.

Still in the water, her “Poolscapes” series blurs the eyes, which no longer know if they are drowned or simply lost in a reflection; if the over-exposed bodies float or sink… Decidedly, this artist has made an art of mixing realities and dreams; unless she simply shows us the many facets of the same reality that reinvents itself through the confrontation of singular visions? Indeed, whether through her still or moving images, she invites us to turn away from a perception that would be limited to a single field of vision.

Similarly, in her latest series “Heterotopia”, whose title is borrowed from the essay “Of Other Spaces” by the philosopher Michel Foucault, she paints a representation of a nature that we recognize but don’t know at the same time, leaving the viewer in balance on the wire between the imaginary and the real. The images in this series, which were taken in gardens whose colors have not been digitally altered, were created in-camera with reflective surfaces and reveal a schizophrenic nature veering to the artificial.

I invite you to also wander, dream and get lost in the many facets of Karine Laval: www.karinelavalstudio.com, www.karinelaval.com

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“Poolscapes” at Photo London 2015

Crane Kalman Gallery presented an installation of “Poolscapes” at Photo London last week:


Clockwise from top left: Poolscape #80, Poolscape #16, Poolscape #43, Poolscape #110

Clockwise from top left: Poolscape #80, Poolscape #16, Poolscape #43, Poolscape #110

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The Huffington Post reviews “Radical Color”

The Huffington Post reviews the exhibition “Radical Color”, featuring Untitled #18 from my “Heterotopia” series. Although the exhibition came down a couple of months ago at the Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon, it is still on view on Humble Arts Foundation website.

Untitled #18 (Heterotopia), 2014

Untitled #18 (Heterotopia), 2014

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Poolscapes and interview in LensCulture


To read the full interview click HERE.

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Musée Magazine features my installation “Anatomy of Desire” at Theaterlab NYC

Last week, Theaterlab and French POV presented “Anatomy of Desire”, a site-specific installation where Laval transforms the space into fragments incorporating images from the project of the same name. The resulting effect is reminiscent of an augmented 3-D pixelated image where the viewer finds herself immersed into the fragmented landscape of the artist’s memory.

DSC05824 copy

Click HERE for a full feature in Musée Magazine.


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“Reflecting with Karine Laval” – Cultured Magazine



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“Radical Color” exhibition at Newspace Center for Photography

Untitled #18 from my new series Heterotopia is included in the upcoming exhibition “Radical Color”, curated by Jon Feinstein, Co-Founder and Curatorial Director of Humble Arts Foundation.


With the recent history of color photography as a reference point, this exhibition comprises works from a current generation of color photographers. While color pioneers like Shore may have used it as a means of achieving a purely descriptive truth, how does today’s post-digital, post-internet generation push its boundaries and use color with new intents? How are photographers using color-specific, digital tools to innovate, go beyond and reassess the idea of description?

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